Collegicoin is a new, quick, and secure cryptocurrency for higher education.

Collegicoin is a new cryptocurrency that intends to help fix a major problem with higher education, cost. It is a student-centered coin that will allow students to have more control over their college expenses.

As a proof-of-work coin with masternodes, students will be able to mine their own coins and/or invest in a masternode to help create passive income. They will then be able to use these coins at online establishments like textbook rental companies, university bookstores, and school supply stores. We also hope to work with colleges and universities to give students the option to pay for part of their tuition with Collegicoin.

Collegicoin will also have something that helps set it apart from other coins – yearly scholarships for students! Not only will they be able to create their own passive income, they can compete for a scholarship that will give them another way to save on their education.


The core team at Collegicoin believes in growing organically and strategically. We think that anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. Just like any company or organization, we need funds to grow. As a self-funded organization, the core team donates the majority of funding to the project. This means that we tend to grow slower than other altcoins but also allows us to be more stable. However, with more funds we can hire more staff to help us continue to grow quicker while still keeping our core values. If you believe in this project, please feel free to offer small donations. Our BTC donation address is below. We thank you in advance for any donation, large or small!

BTC Donation Address: 3FdQZJmPvwetZRNfhnWREfRA2NNQB38enM
BTC Donation QR Code: 

Mining Pools

As a PoW coin, students can easily mine Collegicoin through one of the many pools.

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The Collegicoin Scholarship

Want to get more information on our scholarship?

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Masternode Guide

Ready to setup your masternode? Check out our easy to follow masternode guide.

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Coin name: Collegicoin
Coin ticket: CLG
Algorithm: X16R
Max Supply: ~ 21,000,000
Pre-mine: 3% (630,000)
Block time: 1 minute
Block reward: 21 CLG
Reward halving: ~ 1 year (400,000 blocks)
Reward distribution: 50% miners, 50% MN

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Our roadmap will be continuously updated as we grow.

Q2 2018

Official Announcement / Start Masternode Presale / Listing on Graviex

Q3 2018

Listing on MNP / Complete fork with updated software

Q4 2018

Listing on MNO / Start building webstore for teachers

Q1 2019

Start marketing to schools & online stores

Q2 2019

Expand exchange listings / Release scholarship details and application


We are SUPER excited to announce that we are officially on our first exchange. Graviex has listed us and we are live for exchanges. You can deposit fiat through Graviex now as well! Find our trading page by clicking the Graviex logo below!

We have requested also to be listed on additional exchanges. We know that being listed on the most popular exchanges will be vital to the growth of Collegicoin and will continue to be listed on more exchanges as the coin grows. Please watch this section for updates as new exchanges list CLG.

If you have any questions about exchanges or want to list Collegicoin on your exchange, please reach out to us on our Discord server.



You can also find us on Masternodes.Pro for masternode ROI. Check it out and then start your own masternode!


Download an official CLG wallet for Windows, Linux, or MacOS systems.

WINDOWS 32-BIT For Windows 32-bit systems

WINDOWS 64-BIT Release coming soon

LINUX 64-BIT For Linux 64-bit

LINUX 32-BIT For Linux 32-bit


MacOS For MacOS


The Collegicoin Scholarship

Collegicoin’s purpose is to help students manage their higher education expenses as best possible. One of the features of Collegicoin that sets us apart from other coins is our yearly scholarship. Each year we will accept applications from students who show a financial need for assistance with their education. We will select winning applications based on certain criteria that must be met. Applications that are not completed or students who do not meet the requirements of the scholarship will not be eligible for consideration of an award.

The Collegicoin Scholarship will be an award equal to the value of one masternode at time of the award. Students can use the award to pay for college expenses or to set up a masternode to receive ongoing masternode payments.

We expect to start accepting applications for our scholarship by January 2019 with awards announced over the summer and being applied to fall semester costs. Applicants selected to receive an award will be sent Collegicoins to the CLG address provided on their application.

The rules of the scholarship can be found with the application which will be available soon. If you have any questions about the scholarship in the meantime, please email us at support@collegicoin.com.

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